I have a (Halloween) dream

Six years ago, almost to the day, I wrote a blog post about my dream vacation
(see full post below). This was before I had made the lovely blog friends I have today,
before I moved in with my ex and - before I turned 35 (!)

Well, darlings, this year the big 4-0  is coming up, I suddenly have a good income
and visiting my friends (Eastern) stateside is loooong overdue...
So, I have a question - what are you guys up to in October?
Any chance you are free and want to show a girl (well...) around?

When I was younger I traveled a lot, and I spent some time in the States.
I always said that I will go back. Well, I haven't really had a vacation for 2 years now,
and I still haven't gone back.  Now, my birthday is in October,
and Halloween is my favorite time of year, so I have this dream...

My dream vacation starts off with flying into NYC and spending a long weekend
shopping, wining and dining, and indulging in general celebration and pampering :)
Then we'll get a rental car and drive up north, to visit Sleepy Hollow and Salem.
Both towns host a myriad of different Halloween-festivities all through October,
and since they are only a few hours apart I'm thinking of spending at least a week
all dressed up, running through corn-maizes, taking haunted hayrides,
going to glamorous vampire-balls, joining in the parades
and learning about the legends of the two places. Sounds fantastic doesn't it?

Obviously, in my fantasy I am accompanied on this trip by someone equally crazy
about Halloween, and who doesn't mind spending a week dressed in Victorian garb,
but unfortunately I have yet to find this one person...
So, it looks like my plan will have to be pushed into the future,
maybe something for the "big" 35?

Well, until then here's a little inspiration:


Best laid plans

So I had this plan: Get back to blogging somewhat regularly, and especially
about my little (big) garden. I was thrilled that blog friends still remembered me
and responded to my posts. And then my f****ing phone camera died.
Actually, it didn't quite die, it's doing something weirdly spastic and poltergeist like
where it's flipping on and off rapidly and taking strange striped purple pictures.
As I'm writing this I realize it shouldn't come as a surprise - I did smash the screen
to pieces a few months ago. And the supernatural thing - well, I've been asking for it ;)

I am pretty busy right now, and I have to figure out if I should just get a new phone.
I feel fortunate that money isn't such an issue anymore, that sudden expenses
don't gut me and keep me up at night anymore. Having a job is a great comfort to me.
But, my darlings; It will be another few weeks before I really get back to blogging.
In the meantime I will visit all of you, I promise. I miss you guys!


A good week

What a lovely welcome back I got in the comments on my last post!
It's so great to "hear" the voices of far away blog friends again
(even though I have kept up with some of you on Facebook).
This week is shaping up to be a pretty good week actually:

My baby boy (who's really an old man) had a weird growth and was acting off
so I took him to the vet yesterday. They were concerned he had developed diabetes
and took tons of blood for different tests, but it turns out he's absolutely fine.
I think it's just the strange new cats hanging around that's got him a bit upset.

I gave my neighbors some sunflowers I didn't have room for,
and tonight when I got home this was hanging on my door handle:

My illnesses seem to be under control lately. I have been taking
the same amount of meds for a while now and feel pretty stable.
For a few months I have been seeing less of my therapist and after summer
I am thinking about taking a break from therapy for the rest of the year.

The pumpkins seem healthy and are making tons of flowers (all male so far).
We are having a serious slug problem this year and I will have to be creative
in the growing area, but I'm looking forward to having my own pumpkins this fall!

There might be some more good news in a couple of weeks,
but I don't want to jinx it so I'll have to get back to you :)


I'm baaack!

So I just started doing the blog rounds after a 6 month hiatus
- and I have missed out on so much in the blog world!
Those of you who aren't on Facebook - how have you been?

 As it turns out, I still identify with the pseudonym 'Ms Misantropia'.
 It was more the goth look of the blog that started to feel dated, or just not very me.
I'm not entirely done revamping (I want to do something about that header
- but the pressure of a tag line..!) but I do feel ready to start blogging again.

I'm still in my old cottage with my little fur-babies, but with my new job
this is kind of a new chapter in my life. As such I have removed all old posts,
at least until I know what direction this "new" blog will take me in.
But there will be at least one or two gardening posts coming soon,
and I'm looking forward to the annual Fanciful Tea Party!

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer!

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