It's not you, it's me

I just googled "Tired of blogging". Yup, that's what it's come to, darlings.
I went through my posts backwards to see if I could find the moment
when I lost the blogging urge, and I did. It was when summer ended,
more than 6 months ago. I have been putting on a show since then,
waiting for my muse to wake up again. But alas, she remains dormant.

For a while I have been ready to embark on a new chapter in life, and honestly
I'm not sure if I can take the old "Ms" with me, at least not without some serious
revamping. So until I figure that out I will be taking a blogging hiatus.
I will still be on FB and Instagram, and maybe I'll be back blogging again
when the spring blooms return to the garden. We'll see.

Until then; take care everyone!


My Halloween baby is 6 months (!)

My little baby Buffy is 6 months old, can you believe it?
It feels like just yesterday I could fit her in the palm of my hand
but since then she has become a wonderfully cuddly, curious,
intelligent and strong young cat - with a perfect camouflage coat.

From the very beginning she was great with other cats and humans,
going only in the litter box and eating cat food, so both myself
and the family that found her think she must have had a human home.
(They asked around and advertised but no-one came forward.)

She is very vocal; she purrs, trills, meows and screams -
mostly when she isn't in need of anything, she's just communicating.
The last few days though, she has been making alot of extra noises
and I think it's because she's coming up on her first period in heat.
(I will take her to get spayed very soon!)

It took a while for my boy to warm up to her. I confess, I thought
it would be a bit faster since he loved my old girl cat so much.
But now he and baby Buffy play together every day and get along fine,
and once she gets a bit older she won't go crazy every time she spots him...

 She goes outside for about 15 min every day, but since the weather
has been crap basically since she was born her roaming urges are still mild.
She's curious about the outdoors but it can't beat the dry, warm and safe
life indoors - but we'll see what happens when spring rolls around...

Right now she is stretched out across my lap for an afternoon nap.
Happy 6 months, my little darling!



2016-2017 movie quick hits

I wrote a comment to someone's post the other day, saying that I watch
more movies than any big reader would even have time to read books.
And since I made a new friend who is a film student, this is even more true.
At another time I might feel guilty over my lack of patience
with the written word right now, but well... I just don't :)

And 2017 is an unusual year for me, in that there are so many movies
I'm looking forward to - normal ones and horror movies
- and TV shows! But before I go into all that, here are some quick hits:

 Arrival - Very engaging, but left me kind of enraged.

The Boy - Like previously stated; a rip-off of another movie.

Passengers - Clichéd white people trapped in space, basically.

Before I Wake - Adequate horror, nothing more nothing less.

 Loving - Beautifully acted but very low key, almost slow.

The Girl with all the Gifts - Good but very uneven.

Hacksaw Ridge - Another well acted WWII hero movie.

 Moana - A pleasant surprise, both funny and pretty.

Neon Demon - Slow, stylish, misogynistic confusion.

Suicide Squad - I don't need to tell you, do I..? CRAP.

Sully - The real story is better than the movie adaptation.

Kingsman: The Secret Service - European boy's action dream. Eehh.

Nocturnal Animals - Misleading trailer. Violent and ultimately unsatisfying.

The Purge: Election Year - Turned it off half way through. CRAP.



Bat Fit, part 3 and a second update

The all natural skin care regimen

I read up on coconut oil (which is really a butter in room temperature)
and I learned that the extra virgin eco kind is better for many reasons,
so I got this from my supermarket. It has a wonderful scent and it makes
my skin smooth, and so far the only issue I have is that I feel like eating it :)

Every other day I rub my whole body with coconut oil. It smells much better
than olive oil, but I actually think both of them are just as good for your skin.
For my face I use both daily in a blend, because I don't want to risk getting
black heads (which coconut oil alone is known to sometimes cause). 

Every time I use this new regimen I can't help wondering why I used all these
lotions for so many years. I still have dry skin and have to use moisturizers
several times a day during winter, but why not use ONE. NATURAL. ingredient?
I'm not a new age vegan by any means, but why would anyone not - right..?

The meds/doctors/therapy situation

For several weeks I have been dreading a doctor's appointment
regarding my cervix and HPV. I happened to be just a couple of years too old
to benefit from Sweden's free HPV vaccinations, and I caught HPV when I was
still very young. 5 years ago a careless doctor told me I had "kind of cancer"
and I had a conization. This year I was told I have some cell changes again.

As it turns out, my cervix looks very nice and healthy (my new doctor's words).
But I sat down with her - completely prepared to discuss serious removal
of important parts - and she's like "ahemm, no..? You know, funnily enough, it turns out
you never had severe cell changes to your cervix that time you went in for a conization." 
... what? WHAATTT??? So yeah, I'm apparently good, better than I thought :)

I was gonna write about other stuff today but, as you can imagine,
I'm feeling good tonight and the rest...can wait!


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