Bat Fit, part 3 and a second update

The all natural skin care regimen

I read up on coconut oil (which is really a butter in room temperature)
and I learned that the extra virgin eco kind is better for many reasons,
so I got this from my supermarket. It has a wonderful scent and it makes
my skin smooth, and so far the only issue I have is that I feel like eating it :)

Every other day I rub my whole body with coconut oil. It smells much better
than olive oil, but I actually think both of them are just as good for your skin.
For my face I use both daily in a blend, because I don't want to risk getting
black heads (which coconut oil alone is known to sometimes cause). 

Every time I use this new regimen I can't help wondering why I used all these
lotions for so many years. I still have dry skin and have to use moisturizers
several times a day during winter, but why not use ONE. NATURAL. ingredient?
I'm not a new age vegan by any means, but why would anyone not - right..?

The meds/doctors/therapy situation

For several weeks I have been dreading a doctor's appointment
regarding my cervix and HPV. I happened to be just a couple of years too old
to benefit from Sweden's free HPV vaccinations, and I caught HPV when I was
still very young. 5 years ago a careless doctor told me I had "kind of cancer"
and I had a conization. This year I was told I have some cell changes again.

As it turns out, my cervix looks very nice and healthy (my new doctor's words).
But I sat down with her - completely prepared to discuss serious removal
of important parts - and she's like "ahemm, no..? You know, funnily enough, it turns out
you never had severe cell changes to your cervix that time you went in for a conization." 
... what? WHAATTT??? So yeah, I'm apparently good, better than I thought :)

I was gonna write about other stuff today but, as you can imagine,
I'm feeling good tonight and the rest...can wait!


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  1. Glad to hear you're alright...but odd and kinda crazy that you were told you had cell changes when you didn't really. I wish nothing but the best as far as female health is concerned! I've thought about using coconut oil for my face but I was concerned it wouldn't absorb fast enough. My physio recommended it for massage oil and I also tried it for natural deodorant, but it stays on skin for ages and has stained my clothing. Don't laugh, but I've been using diaper cream on my face! I'm using one thats 90% white petroleum with zinc. It's a tad greasy so I use it only in the morning and at night but I've found it's softened up my skin some, more importantly my pimples are less severe with it. I like it because it keeps my skin from drying out in the shower.

  2. Ahhh all that stuff is so scary! I. So glad you're ok!

    I have pretty sensitive skin so I use a moisturiser that is mostly oatmeal as it doesn't have many chemicals to affect me.

  3. Häftigt, att du är okej! Men den där läkaren, som sade att du kanske har en cancer, var en oetisk idiot! >:(

  4. Åh, jösses. All den oro som du har burit på för ingenting ����. Dumma doktor. Berätta hur det går med kokosoljan sen ☺

  5. That's good to know your have a good bit of health.I recently tried the coconut oil and found it made my hair way to greasy and just didn't suit it.. I'm still on the scary chemical stuff. Sadly, it down to budgets I think when I back working properly I'll be looking for zero chemical products. I noticed a huge difference since I wash my hair twice a week and change my conditioner.

  6. Yeah, I too had that cervical procedure done almost 30 years ago. All you can do is trust your doctors that it's necessary. Apparently it's a judgment call kind of diagnosis.

  7. Happy Dance!! You have a healthy cervix!! I am so happy for you! I have to try the coconut oil. A friend told me about it, at the gym.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for such a kind comment you left on my blog!! Meant the world to me!!
    Big Hugs!

  8. WAHOO for a healthy woo-woo! I have HPV and had a major outbreak a few years ago. I do have the type that can cause cancer, but with proper screening and yearly check ups it's relatively easy to catch changes. Relatively. I think all of us who lived through the AIDS epidemic of the 80s follow the "always use a condom to protect from STDs" rule. No one told us that HPV can spread from person to person regardless of the condom. Hence why a good number of Gen Xers have HPV.

    Anywho, my skin likes cocoa butter and not coconut ... but, I agree with you, you just want to eat the damned stuff because it smells so good! You smell like one delicious cookie! :D

  9. I am so glad you are okay and I am disgusted with whoever told you weren't several years ago. That's not good. *hugs*

  10. Oh my word! I'm glad you're alright. I actually had to have a the loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) which is a way to remove abnormal tissue from the cervix. It is done using a fine wire loop that has a low-voltage electrical current. Basically I smelled some burn flesh and then realized "Oh God, that's me!" It was a decade or more ago. Scary stuff! But I'm glad you're alright.

  11. Good news on the health front! That's always a blessing. <3

  12. Good news are even better when they are HPV and possibly cancer related!


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